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Android logcat信息保存问题

请问:在Eclipse中的Android项目中,logcat添加了一个logcat filter,如何把这个logcat filter对应的所有信息保存到txt文档中?


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Save LogCat To A Text File

So you already know how to view LogCat in Eclipse but now you want to copy the content of LogCat and you can't do it easily from Eclipse.

To save LogCat to a text file open up a terminal window and type:
adb logcat -d > logcat.txt

This will create a file named "logcat.txt" in your current directory. The -d option indicates that you are dumping the current contents and then exiting. If you do not use this option new lines of LogCat will be appended to the file, which may be useful.

Since LogCat can get pretty large very quickly you may want to clear it every once in a while, you can do this easily from Eclipse or from a terminal window using the command:
adb logcat -c

Note that running adb logcat without any options will display the contents of LogCat in your terminal window.

For fancier terminal manipulation of LogCat check out

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