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PHP Xdebug Netbeans断点

After working fine, with no config changes for months xdebug/netbeans is now useless. I can create breakpoints but whenever it has 'stepped in' to a further scope its impossible to step thru and simply jumps out of the inner scope to the caller. There are no exceptions generated.

Using tail -f xdebug.log shows breakbpoints being correctly created / removed, Netbeans failed to remove from Ubuntu Software Centre, however I reinstalled over the top of existing. This does not seem clean as Netbeans remembered settings.

Latest steps:

Ran instructions at and rebooted webserver Of note here it recommended install of xdebug-2.4.1 instead of previously 2.4.0 however this made no difference to current state of NetB / Xdebug combo. I checked php-fpm ini and this correct phpized version still ?

Ran at /usr/local/netbeans8.*

Downloaded re-install at (I also need Java JDK so this is ideal) Made it executable and ran installer (as sudo)

chmod +x;

And nothing changes - this is very frustrating that software designers still cannot be a***d to create proper uninstallers. Still same settings prior to re-install.


Closed NetBeans again

cdl /home

then check in each user dir

rm -r .netbeans
rm -r NetBeansProjects

There was also a directory called nbproject near the site root directory and in the sitefiles repo which is gitted - these was removed.


Now set up the project including the crap Netbeans debug 'stop at first line' and allowing watches (whats the point of these defaults in a generally used framework norm such as laravel and what is debugging without being able to look at variable values). Its now begun allowing stepping thru code but after closing debug session will now not allow access to run config. Had to close all projects and reopen. This proves that its a Netbeans issue.

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工作正常后,几个月没有配置更改xdebug / netbeans现在没用了。 我可以创建断点但是每当 它已经“介入”到另一个范围,它不可能直接从内部范围跳到调用者。 没有生成异常。

使用tail -f xdebug .log显示正确创建/删除断点,Netbeans无法从Ubuntu软件中心删除,但我重新安装在现有的顶部。 这看起来并不干净,因为Netbeans记得设置。

最新步骤: 并重新启动webserver 请注意,这里建议安装xdebug-2.4.1而不是之前的2.4.0但是 这对NetB / Xdebug组合的当前状态没有任何影响。 我检查了php-fpm ini和这个正确的phpized版本了吗?

在/usr/local/netbeans8.*上卸载 nnn

下载重新启动 - 安装在 /technetwork/articles/javase/jdk-netbeans-jsp-142931.html (我还需要Java JDK,所以这是理想的) 使它可执行并运行安装程序(如sudo)

  chmod + x; 

没有任何变化 - 软件设计师仍然无法创建合适的卸载程序,这是非常令人沮丧的。 重新安装之前的设置仍然相同。



  cdl  / home 


  rm -r .netbeans 
rm -r NetBeansProjects \  n   

在站点根目录和sitefiles repo附近还有一个名为nbproject的目录,它被删除了。 < h2>更新

现在设置项目,包括废话Netbeans调试'在第一行停止'并允许监视(这些默认值在一般使用的框架规范中如laravel和 什么是调试而无法查看变量值。) 它现在开始允许单步执行代码,但在关闭调试会话后现在将不允许访问运行配置。 必须关闭所有项目并重新打开。 这证明它是一个Netbeans问题。

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  • duanhangjian8149 2016-11-28 23:44

    Seems the problem went - maybe on IDE update ?

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  • douyou7797 2016-08-04 00:22

    Created (with a struggle as continually no drop down options) I managed to add a few more debug urls. Its still not possible to do this directly as before so presume Netbeans has done some sort of 'breakit update'.

    Testing the URLs in debug mode shows them all to step thru PHP properly now. To change the URL is now an un-intuitive chore of selecting the project first in the projects tab and hoping to catch it in the drop down.

    Therefore since re-install of xdebug showed it the project still broken, then complete manual re-install of the botched uninstall by the actual Netbeans app now shows it working it can only be confirmed that Netbeans is at fault. Shame - I have used Netbeans for years, but for it to cost me 2 days is a liability. Anyone know if Eclipse has improved speed wise ?

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