2012-08-13 01:12
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如何反序列化json结果以HTML / CSS样式格式显示它们?

I just got started with Google API for Custom Search Engine, and I have succeded on doing my first request like this:


 require_once 'apis/apiClient.php';
 require_once 'apis/contrib/apiCustomsearchService.php';

 $client = new apiClient();
 $client->setApplicationName('Google CustomSearch PHP Starter Application');
 // Docs:
 // My developer key (simple api key).
 $search = new apiCustomsearchService($client);

  // executing a search with your custom search id.
  $result = $search->cse->listCse('burrito', array(
  'cx' => '123456789123546789:*******', // The custom search engine ID to scope this search query.
 print "<pre>" . print_r($result, true) . "</pre>";

 // executing a search with the URL of a linked custom search engine.
 $result = $search->cse->listCse('burrito', array(
 'cref' => '',
 print "<pre>" . print_r($result, true) . "</pre>";

The output: This file output the results correctly for the keyword burrito in a JSON format

How can I desalinize then manipulate the result using a for-each loop to get:

  - Result title
  - Result description
  - URL

Click here to see the JSON output to be manipulated

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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  • dphfwzn8269
    dphfwzn8269 2012-08-13 01:16

    your "this file" is not outputting json. JSON is the textual representation of a variable assignment in JS,. e.g. the right-hand side of var x = ...json here.... That dump is a PHP data structure, which has been produced by decoding a json string.

    in other words, don't get hung up on the fact that you're getting JSON - once it's decoded, it's just another PHP array, and you use normal PHP array operations and indexes to get at your data.


    $arr['queries']['nextPage'][0]['title'] // Google Custom Search - burrito
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