2011-02-12 14:01
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Using tanzaku in wordpress and get this error

Warning: split() [function.split]: REG_EMPTY in /public/wp-content/themes/tanzaku/functions.php on line 232

Line 232 in functions.php:

else {
    // ... or get original size info.
    $upload_path = trim( get_option('upload_path') );
    $mark = substr(strrchr($upload_path, "/"), 1); // default mark is 'uploads'
    $split_url = split($mark, $img_url);
    if ($split_url[1] != null) {
        $img_path = $upload_path . $split_url[1];
        list($w, $h) = @getimagesize($img_path);

How do I fix this error "Warning: split() [function.split]: REG_EMPTY " from functions.php of wordpress theme?

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第232行 functions.php:

  else {
 // ...或获取原始大小信息。
 $ upload_path = trim(get_option('upload_path')); 
  $ mark = substr(strrchr($ upload_path,“/”),1);  //默认标记为'uploads'
 $ split_url = split($ mark,$ img_url); 
 if($ split_url [1]!= null){
 $ img_path = $ upload_path。  $ split_url [1]; 
 list($ w,$ h)= @gegreize($ img_path); 

我如何 修复此错误“警告:split()[function.split]:REG_EMPTY”来自wordpress主题的functions.php?

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  • douzhi3105 2011-02-12 14:25

    I think the actual problem might be this line:

    $mark = substr(strrchr($upload_path, "/"), 1); 

    It searches some url path for the trailing path component, but it would fail for .../dir/upload/ with a traling slash. A convenient alternative in this case would be:

    $mark = basename($upload_path);

    This is unlikely to ever be empty, thus eschewing the failing expode or split afterwards. (The string splitting is a suboptimal approach too.)

    A complete workaround might be to also replace the $split_url = split($mark, $img_url); with something like:

    preg_match("#$mark(/.+)$#", $img_url, $split_url);

    This will ensure the correct format of the $img_url and return the correct image filename path, or otherwise fail without error if it doesn't match.

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