我想知道迁移旧的Web应用程序所需的最简单(一般)步骤(后端和后端) 代码点火器框架。

请分享您的想法/经验! </ p>

旧网页根本没有任何框架。 它们只是基本的程序PHP代码。 </ p>

BOB </ p>
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I want to know the simplest (in general) steps required to migrate our old web applications (both, back end and front end) to Code Igniter Framework.
Please share your ideas / experience in this !

The old web pages doesn't have any framework at all. They are just just basic procedural PHP codes.

Thanks, Bob

doupin8555 有什么帮助吗?我将要做的一些一般实施步骤。谢谢
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dongshou9343 嗨,只要它包含最重要的步骤,对我来说就足够了。我不是要求完整的代码,只是快速的项目符号点列表,包括所需的步骤(一般情况下)。
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doubi4340 没有简单而详细而完整的步骤!它将与传统应用程序区别于传统应用程序...
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dongxi5505 旧的Web应用程序只是程序性的PHP代码,没有现有的框架。
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dqdmvg7332 如果您要引入新框架,迁移并不简单。
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如果没有看到你的代码就无法确定,但我的一般意见是,除非旧的代码绝对优秀, 质量,有据可查的杰作,那么最好的事情可能是重写整个事情</ strong>。 </ p>

  • 旧的PHP代码不太可能符合现代框架的结构和偏好,并且很可能使用弃用的做法</ p> </ li> \ n

  • 旧的HTML代码不太可能符合现代标准(CSS ....)</ p> </ li>
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    我敢说 绝大多数情况下,从头开始重写比尝试将这种旧酒装入新皮肤要便宜。</ p>
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It's impossible to tell for sure without seeing your code, but my general opinion is that unless the old code is an absolutely excellent, high-quality, well-documented masterpiece, then the best thing is probably to rewrite the whole thing.

  • Old PHP code is unlikely to conform with a modern framework's structure and preferences, and is likely to use deprecated practices

  • Old HTML code is unlikely to match modern standards (CSS....)

I dare say that in the vast majority of cases, rewriting from scratch is less expensive than trying to fit this old wine into new skins.

正如其他人所建议的那样,这个问题没有固定答案。 但有一点可以肯定,在某种程度上,每个端口都将被重写。 一些应用程序比其他应用程序更多,这在很大程度上取决于您当前的应用程序是如何编码的。</ p>

话虽如此,这通常是我如何处理这个...... </ p> \ n

  1. 确保团队中的每个人都花一些时间熟悉CodeIgniter以及如何使用他们的框架设置应用程序。 在移植现有应用程序之前,首先在CI中编写一个新应用程序,以便习惯于应该如何构建所有内容。</ li>
  2. 根据具体情况,评估现有应用程序中的膨胀和 /或应该修改的事情。 你基本上会为每个应用程序进行重写。 因此,确定应用程序在CI中运行所需的实际内容以及您可以为更少的代码进行的任何微小更改,更容易重写等等都是一个好主意。每个应用程序都有您想要达到的那些区域,但从未有过 到了它的时间。 那么现在是你的机会。 这可能会节省您重写的时间。</ li>
  3. 通过让所有参与将应用程序移植到一起的人讨论需要完成的工作来制定游戏计划。</ li> \ n
  4. 开始写作并相互沟通你沿途学到的新东西。 </ li>
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As the others have suggested, there's no set answer to this question. One things for sure though, to some extent each port will be a rewrite. Some apps more than others and that largely depends on how you're current apps are coded.

That being said, this is generally how I would approach this...

  1. Make sure that everyone on your team spends some time getting familiar with CodeIgniter and how applications are setup using their framework. It may be worth writing a new app in CI first before porting existing ones just to get accustomed to how everything should be structured.
  2. On an case by case basis, assess the bloat in your existing app and/or things that should be modified. You're basically going to be doing a rewrite for each app. So it would be a good idea to determine what you really need for the app to function in CI and whatever minor changes you can make for less code, easier rewrite etc. Every app has those areas that you meant to get to but just never had the time to get to it. Well now's your chance. This will likely save you time in the rewrite.
  3. Come up with a game plan by getting everyone who's involved with porting the apps together to discuss what's going to need to be done.
  4. Start writing and communicate with one another new things you've learned along the way.

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