2012-02-09 20:34



I have tried coding a Modx Blog, and everything is working fine, but I want to display a "read more" button only if the content is longer than the ellipsis. The Problem is: The Content is mixed, so there are a few short announcements of about 200 signs, and then some with over 1000.

The "read more" button is now always shown, but I just want it for the "longer" blog posts. Can anyone help out?

The current code:

<p>[[+content:ellipsis=`300`]] <a href="[[+id]]">read more</a></p>
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  • drzb7969753 drzb7969753 9年前

    you can use the 'length' and 'greater than' output filters for this:

    [[+content:ellipsis=`300`]] [[+content:len:gt=`300`:then=`

    (Note: SO is stripping out the anchor tag above, but you get the idea)

    Let us know how it goes!

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