2017-12-25 02:12
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是否可以使用登录页面创建另一个网站的第三方版本? [关闭]

We have a school website where you are able to log in and see your schedule, assignments etc. Is it possible to create my own version of our school website where you can log in and get access to schedule, assignments etc? My goal is to create a simplified and cleaner look for it. What kind of code do i need to log in to the school website through my own website and retrieve the information in variables?

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  • doutan5844
    doutan5844 2017-12-25 02:19

    The only way you create a web where you can get all data you want is to have access to the original web database whatever format used: SQLm MySQL, Oracle, Access, etc. That means you need dbName, username and password. So No. Unless you are a very good hacker.

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