doukao2180 2016-06-27 09:27
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I am currently learning PHP but when I try to run the codes, It's opening a browser and it annoys me cause I cannot follow the course I am taking, I got these codes to display

function __construct($tempFirst="",  $tempLast="", $tempYear="") {
    echo "Person Constructor 
    $this->firstName = $tempFirst;
    $this->lastName = $tempLast;
    $this->yearBorn = $tempYear;

but on other browser the next line is not functioning, and on my OUTPUT windows is blank? please help me run it only in Output window, I want the result only in output window and not open a window when I run, the course I follow only displays output on Output window?


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  • dousu1900 2016-06-28 06:06

    It's not possible to show PHP's project output in Netbeans output window. Perhaps you can do this,

    Click on Tools -> Options and in General tab choose Web Browser drop down menu and select Embedded Webkit Web Browser. Now run your PHP project and this will open the output inside the NetBeans itself.

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