2009-11-28 13:50
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ImageCreateFromJPEG PHP另一张图片

How do you add another image to a image in php the itme i want to add is images/rank1.jpg?

 $rImg = ImageCreateFromJPEG("images/card/test.jpg");
 $cor = imagecolorallocate($rImg, 255, 255, 255); 

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如何在php中为图像添加另一个图像我要添加的itme是images / rank1.jpg?

  $ rImg = ImageCreateFromJPEG(“images / card / test.jpg”); 
 $ cor = imagecolorallocate($ rImg,255,255,255);  
 imagestring($ rImg,5,60,3,$ username,$ cor);  
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  • duanjian5059 2009-11-28 13:54

    You are looking for the imagecopy...() functions like imagecopyresampled().

    The User Contributed Notes in the Manual provide lots of examples. If you want to add watermarks with transparency, this might work for you.

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