2011-11-04 11:03
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I was wondering, i have this HTML :

  <span class="jqTransformRadioWrapper">
    <a rel="choices[choices]" class="jqTransformRadio jqTransformChecked" href = "#"></a>
    <input type="radio" id="choices_choices_5" value="5" name="choices[choices]" class="jqTransformHidden">
  <label for = "choices_choices_5" style = "cursor: pointer;">My awesome test</label>

Some of you might recognize that the input has been jqTransformed

I was wondering how to click on the label named "My awesome test".

Right now, i do :

   $el = $this->getSession()->getPage()->find('css', 'ul li span.jqTransformRadioWrapper a');

But it selects the first element. And i want to select them with their Name (and only) for this example it would be "My awesome test".


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