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PHP trim / rtrim / ltrim VS正则表达式

I tend to use rtrim, ltrim and trim to strip off spaces at the end, left or right. I also use them to strip off the characters at the end or the beginning of the string. Is it faster than a regular expression? Is there anything wrong with the following code?

 $string = " hello: ";
 $string = rtrim(trim($string), ":"); //hello 

Would it make any difference if I were to use a regular expression in terms of performance?

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我倾向于使用 rtrim ltrim 修剪以去除末端,左侧或右侧的空格。 我还使用它们去除字符串末尾或字符串开头的字符。 它比正则表达式更快吗? 以下代码有什么问题吗?

  $ string =“hello:”; 
 $ string = rtrim(trim($ string),“:”);  // hello 


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