2014-01-15 04:29
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I have succesfully installed net_geoIP with the built in PEAR extension installer for apache but it does not do what I need it to do. I want to install GeoIP but I don't know how I would add it to my shared hosting. How could this be done?

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我已经成功安装了net_geoIP和内置的PEAR扩展安装程序,但它不能满足我的需要 做。 我想安装GeoIP,但我不知道如何将它添加到我的共享主机。 怎么可以这样做?

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  • dsgdfg30210 2014-01-15 04:47

    You'd need to ask your hosting provider to install it for you. If they are not willing to do it, you may need a new hosting provider.

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