2011-12-28 20:14
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I am creating a new file using fopen.

$filename = 'user_data/10.xml';
$openhandle = fopen($filename, 'w+');

Then I check if the file has been created using: file_exists() function.

The problem is: The file is being created with some owner, probably the folder name, but its not me. Also the permissions of the file is only readable by the owner. And since I am not the owner, I can't read the file, or change the permissions.

But If attempt to change it using:

chown($filename, 'myusername');
chmod($filename, 777);

I tried changing the file owner and permissions using the Terminal using sudo. That worked properly. So I also tried using the functions above with shell_exec() so it runs in root.

But had no luck.

Although, I don't have much experience with file permission numbers, the chown command is also not working.

So how should I change the owner and permissions of the file so i'm the owner and its readable and writable by my other PHP scripts?

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  $  filename ='user_data / 10.xml'; 
 $ openhandle = fopen($ filename,'w +'); 

然后我检查文件是否已经 使用: file_exists()函数创建。

问题是:文件是用某个所有者创建的,可能是文件夹名称,但不是我。 此外,文件的权限只有可由所有者读取。 由于我不是所有者,我无法读取文件或更改权限。


  chown($ filename,'myusername'); 
chmod($ filename,777); 

我尝试使用 sudo 使用终端更改文件所有者和权限。 这很正常。 我也尝试使用上面的函数与 shell_exec(),所以它在root中运行。



那么我应该如何更改所有者和权限 该文件,所以我是所有者,我的其他PHP脚本可读写?

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  • douyang2530 2011-12-28 20:21

    You should be able to chmod it using only the following line:

    chmod($filename, 0777);

    Note the 0 before the 777.

    Also do not change the ownership before it has been chmod'ed

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