2011-05-15 21:29
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你如何在Doctrine 2中使用实体关系?

When you want to insert an Entity you do this:

$user = new User();


But what if I want to create an article which can have one User;

Currently, I need to do:

$user = $em->getRepository('User')->find($id);

This is because of the relationship, Doctrine 2 asks for an User entity.

However, I can't "mock" an User object, because I don't want the id be set manually, therefore I can't do:

$user = new User();

Am I wrong about this behavior, how do you do?

It can be performance matter to load the User entity just to set the relationship, even with a cache, which cannot be always an option, especially for an update.

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  • dongmeng1402 2011-05-15 23:03

    If you don't have a managed User entity handy, what you want is a reference proxy, which the EM will be happy to give you:

    $article = new Entity\Article();
    $article->setTitle('Reference Proxies Rule');
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