2010-06-14 04:12



From my understanding, Compass only works with Ruby. Is there a PHP equivalent to Compass?

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  • douhanzhuo6905 douhanzhuo6905 11年前

    Compass actually works great for PHP projects. I've used it on several CakePHP and Symfony projects. Compass is built with Ruby, so you need Ruby on your machine, but it compiles to plain old CSS. If you have Ruby (and RubyGems) installed, just install the Compass gem and you should be ready to go. Earlier versions of Compass used a Ruby-style syntax, but my understanding is that later versions have adopted a more CSS-like option.

    If you haven't already, start with the documentation where installation is discussed in more detail.

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  • dongque4778 dongque4778 9年前

    PHAMLP is a php port of Sass and Compass: or

    PHPSass is a port of PHamlP up-to-date with the v3.1.1.5 specification of SASS: or

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