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通过服务器在HTML5应用程序中运行PHP脚本? [关闭]

I'm currently working on an HTML5 app that runs jQuery Mobile. My app, designed in the IntelXDK needs to communicate with a server MySQL database running PHP. The MySQL database stores the scores from recent high school and middle school sporting events for my local school district. I have been able to successfully write a PHP script that submits the data from an HTML form into the database, however, when I include it in my HTML app, it doesn't do anything, even when I run the PHP script that is hosted on the server. Is there any way I can get the script to run in the app, or is it easier to make the form online in the server? This needs to be secure so that only the athletic director and myself can access it. Thanks!

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我目前正在开发运行jQuery Mobile的HTML5应用程序。 我的应用程序,在IntelXDK中设计,需要与运行PHP的服务器MySQL数据库进行通信。 MySQL数据库存储了我当地学区最近的高中和中学体育赛事的分数。 我已经能够成功编写一个PHP脚本,将HTML表单中的数据提交到数据库中,但是,当我将其包含在我的HTML应用程序中时,即使我运行托管的PHP脚本,它也无法执行任何操作。 在服务器上。 有什么方法可以让我的脚本在应用程序中运行,还是更容易在服务器中使表单在线? 这需要是安全的,这样只有体育主管和我自己才能访问它。 谢谢!

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