2016-09-06 17:51
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I am working on project that will use API of another application. So I won't validate password on my app, will do this via API request. I don't want to store users` passwords in db. Just check password by API.

How can I authenticate a user without login credentials?

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我正在处理将使用其他应用程序的API的项目。 所以我不会在我的应用程序上验证密码,将通过API请求执行此操作。 我不想在db中存储用户的密码。 只需通过API检查密码即可。


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  • dtmooir3395 2016-09-06 18:32

    Login & Session in Yii 2 is managed by \yii\web\User class This class is accessible in the application life cycle via the \Yii::$app->user property.

    On successful authentication using your third-party provider you use the login() function using Yii::$app->user->login($identity)

    $identity should be an object of [IdentityInterface][4] usually the User ActiveRecord model implementing this interface

    Refer to the guide documentation on Authentication for full understanding on how authentication works in Yii2

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  • doupao3662 2016-10-03 08:04

    In our app we are using a field auth_key related to a User Model and then we go to this link, find a user in database by this auth_key and make a login (or not if it is not found in database )

    public actionAuthLogin($auth_key){
      if(($user = User::findOne(['auth_key' => $auth_key])) 
            && \Yii:$app->user->login($user)){
         return $this->goHome();
      } else {
         throw new NotFoundHttpException()


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