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SQL Auto在同一个表中多次递增

I have a basic HTML input form for an inbuilt admin panel on a website that I'm designing for a friend of mine. The idea is for him to post data scripted with PHP to the database, which is then spat back out onto the index page.

The issue:

Each entry obviously has its own column in the db (id, name, ep_num etc). The id is auto incremented into the database, the name is gathered as a $_POST['name'], however for ep_num, I would like to assign auto increments per name.


He posts "Hello" once, it is given the ep_num of "1"
He inputs "World" once, it is given the ep_num of "1"
He inputs "Hello" again, it is given the ep_num of "2"

I've had a long day at work, and believe that mysql_insert_id() may be what I'm looking for, I'm just struggling to put my brain to work and was hoping one of you guys to aid me.

Thanks in advance, Rich

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我为网站上的内置管理面板提供了一个基本的HTML输入表单,我正在为朋友设计 矿。 他的想法是让他将使用PHP脚本编写的数据发布到数据库中,然后再将其吐回到索引页面。


每个条目显然在db(id,name,ep_num等)中都有自己的列。 id自动递增到数据库中,名称收集为 $ _ POST ['name'] ,但是对于ep_num,我想为每个名称分配自动增量。


输入“World” 一次,给它ep_num为“1”

我度过了漫长的一天 工作,并相信 mysql_insert_id()可能是我正在寻找的,我只是努力让我的大脑工作,并希望你们中的一个人帮助我。

提前致谢, Rich

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  • dqsp60748 2015-09-09 00:08
    insert into t (name, ep_num) select 'b', count(*)+1 from t where name='b'; 

    Demo on sqlfiddle

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  • douzhanrun0497 2015-09-08 23:28
    INSERT INTO table (name,ep_num) VALUES ("hello",1)
    ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ep_num=ep_num+1;

    To use this statement you need to make column name a primary key or a Unique index and make id an auto increment value if you are changing name to primary key. For more information on Duplicate key update

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