2017-04-25 22:06
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I have a small theoretical problem with combination of php-fpm, nginx and app code in Docker.

I'm trying to stick to the model when docker image does only one thing -> I have separate containers for php-fpm and nginx.

    image: php:5-fpm-alpine
        - 9000:9000
        - ./:/var/www/app

    image: nginx:alpine
        - 3000:80
        - php
        - ./nginx/app.conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/app.conf
        - ./:/var/www/app

NOTE: In app.conf is root /var/www/app; Example schema from Symfony

This is great in development, but I don't know how to convert this to production ready state. Mount app directory in production is really bad practice (if I'm not wrong). In best case I copy app source code into container and use this prebuilded code (COPY . /var/www/app in Dockerfile), but in this case is impossible or I don't know how.

I need share app source code between two contatiner (nginx container and php-fpm container) because booth of that need it.

Of course I can make own nginx and php-fpm container and add COPY . /var/www/app into both of them, but I thing that is wrong way because I duplicate code and the whole build process (install dependencies, build source code, etc...) must be in both (nginx/php-fpm) containers.

I try to search but I don't find any idea how to solve this problem. A lot of articles show how to do this with docker-compose file and mount code with --volume but I didn't find any example how to use this on production (without volume).

Only one acceptable solutions for me (in this time) is make one container with nginx and php-fpm together but I'm not sure when is a good way (I try to find best practice).

Do you have any experiences with this or any idea how to solve it?

Thanks for any response!

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