2016-08-11 06:40
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I'm running the following console command:

yii t/gen 520 34 -someoption --number=1

and since t/gen this is just an alias to the actual action template/generate-preview I need to pass it on, or redirect, to another controller/action. So I do this:

Yii::$app->runAction('template/generate-preview', [ $ID, $count ]);

So the numbers 520 and 34 are passed on but how do I pass on the named parameters someoption and number? They are options in the actual controller and therefore public properties of that controller (like here).

Is it possible pass on those named parameters, that is, set those properties on the controller class?

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  • dongyongan9941 2016-08-11 09:49

    You can use key-value pairs in parameters list:

    Yii::$app->runAction('template/generate-preview', [
        'someoption' => true,
        'number' => 1

    And do not add -- prefixes to parameters names, they will be prepended automatically.

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