2013-04-30 04:41
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如何在Kendo UI弹出编辑器中显示更多数据源字段,但不在网格中显示

Looks like this has been "sorta" asked - but not quite. So here goes...

Have a Kendo UI grid. Working great. Want to edit in a "popup" the record that is selected. That works great as well. However, there are many more fields in the record than what I am showing in the grid.

So can someone explain how to create a full edit form in the popup, and not have to display all the fields in the grid?

Using PHP for this.

Thanks in advance...

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看起来这是“sorta”问的 - 但不完全。 所以这里... ...

拥有一个Kendo UI网格。 工作得很好。 想要在“弹出”中编辑所选的记录。 这也很有效。 但是,记录中的字段比我在网格中显示的字段多得多。

因此有人可以解释如何在弹出窗口中创建完整的编辑表单,而不必显示 网格中的所有字段?



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  • dsakktdog498483070 2013-04-30 08:49

    You need to use the editable.template option of the grid. You have to implement it in JavaScript though.

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