2018-03-02 10:18
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I'm struggling with svg icons. I'm creating menu and to do this I have to use several of svg icons. I already know, that if I want to manipulate colour with help CSS (for example when icon is active/hover) I have to use in HTML <svg> tag not <img src="path-to-icon.svg"/>. How can I solve this problem in a nice way?

I don't want use full path of svg in my HTML file, because sometimes it is has a hundred of lines d="..." attribute. I try to avoid use <use xlink:href="path-to-icon.svg" /> as well, because is not supported by IE or Edge browsers.

I can add that I use .twig template, so maybe there is a 'PHP' way to add icon.


  <label id="menuIcon" for="menu" onclick="openNav()">
          {# svg icon #}


.icon:hover path {
    fill: green;
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