2010-04-03 18:22
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So I just found the most frustrating bug ever in MySQL.

Apparently the TIMESTAMP field, and supporting functions do not support any greater precision than seconds!?

So I am using PHP and Doctrine, and I really need those microseconds (I am using the actAs: [Timestampable] property).

I found a that I can use a BIGINT field to store the values. But will doctrine add the milliseconds? I think it just assigns NOW() to the field. I am also worried the date manipulation functions (in SQL) sprinkled through the code will break.

I also saw something about compiling a UDF extension. This is not an acceptable because I or a future maintainer will upgrade and poof, change gone.

Has anyone found a suitable workaround?

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所以我刚发现 MySQL中最令人沮丧的错误

显然是 TIMESTAMP 字段,支持函数不支持比秒更高的精度!?

所以我使用PHP和Doctrine,我 真的需要那些微秒(我使用 actAs:[Timestampable] 属性)。

我发现我可以使用 BIGINT 字段来存储值。 但是教条会加几毫秒吗? 我认为它只是将NOW()赋予该领域。 我也担心通过代码散布的日期操作函数(在SQL中)会破坏。

我还看到了有关编译UDF扩展的一些信息。 这是不可接受的,因为我或未来的维护者会升级和改变,改变了。


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