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Ok im kinda new to using oop on php, So this what im tryna do. getting the value of the textbox putting them in an array then storing them in database but the problem is it doesnt store the data

require ('employmentfunc.php');
$arr = array(isset ($_POST['company']), isset ($_POST['position']));

if (isset($_POST['ok']))
    $a = new empfunc();
<form name="emp" action="employmentform.php" method="POST">

<TD><input type="text" name="company">
<td><input type="text" name="position">
<input type="submit" class="button1" name="ok">

class empfunc{

function saveA($array){
    $sqlconnect = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root","","employment");
    $sqlquery = "INSERT INTO info(`Company`, `Position`) VALUES ('$array[0]', '$array[1]')";
    mysqli_query ($sqlconnect, $sqlquery);
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