2014-01-27 17:24



I am running my PHP file locally on a WAMP server. Right now it works if the SQLite .db file is on the WAMP server, but as soon as I reference a .db file that isn't on the WAMP server then it can't find it. I have looked everywhere and can't find a similar issue. Here is where I create the .db file:

class MyDB extends SQLite3{
    function __construct(){

$db = new MyDB();

I get a PHP error for the line that is opening the .db file.

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  • dongzhang0243 dongzhang0243 7年前

    Using the assigned letter in Windows is probably causing your problem. J: is mapped for you, but not necessarily the user that the web server is running as. It is generally advised to use this format:


    Of course, you still might have access issues if the web server user doesn't have rights to that share and file.

    If you have permission problems, check the answers here: Is it possible to have WAMP run httpd.exe as user [myself] instead of local SYSTEM?

    Apparently wamp server defaults to running as SYSTEM which is definitely NOT going to be able to access network shares.

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  • dongnachuang6635 dongnachuang6635 7年前

    What kind of error? It can be a couple of thinks. Are the permissions and owners of the folder / file correctly?

    Are you in the scope of the Script?

    You see, we need the PHP error... ;)

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