dongmo6937 2016-10-12 15:18
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I have an XML like below

    <title lang="en">Sample</title>
    <title lang="fr">Sample</title>

Is there a way in PHP to delete the parent node (entry) based on the title lang attribute? I need to keep only the en ones, so in this case I would need to get the XML without the second entry node.

I tried looking around but couldn't find any solution...

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  • 普通网友 2016-10-12 15:35

    You need to use DOMDocument class to parse string to XML document. Then use DOMXpath class to find target element in document and use DOMNode::removeChild() to remove selected element from document.

    $doc = new DOMDocument(); 
    $xpath = new DOMXpath($doc);
    // select target entry tag
    $entry = $xpath->query("//entry[title[@lang='fr']]")->item(0);
    // remove selected element
    $xml = $doc->savexml();

    You can check result in demo

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