2011-07-14 07:36
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Zend Framework中的自定义路由

I'm working on a Zend Framework API and need to follow a particular format for URLs, so I was hoping for some help regarding how to configure the routing correctly.

The above URL would need to route to the function actionNameHereAction.

Any help is appreciated.

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我正在研究Zend Framework API,需要遵循特定的URL格式,所以我希望 关于如何正确配置路由的一些帮助。

http: //



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  • dongqiaolong9034 2011-07-20 02:03

    In order to produce the URLs needed, I ended up creating a custom Dispatcher, as it wasn't in the routing that URLs were being converted from actionNameHere to actionnamehereAction, but in the dispatcher. I extended the standard dispatcher and overrode this behaviour so that the action name in the URL remained case-sensitive.

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  • dph6308 2011-07-14 08:04

    The beauty of routing is that it gives you the tools for hiding exactly those pieces of information you are putting into your URL.

    Apart from that, as far as I know ZF routes by default so that your URL would end up in ...

    • the action with name method of
    • the controller with name controller of
    • the module with name module

    So either your example-URL is complicating things or you are almost there.

    B/c actionNameHere would be a paramter you could handle in your action with name "methodAction".

    But I think you want your URL to look like:

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