2014-03-01 00:41
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如何使用Golang的net / http包读取流式响应正文?


resp, err := http.Get("localhost:8080/stream")
if err != nil {
// perform work while connected and getting data


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我正在尝试连接到执行json数据的http流传输的端点。 我想知道如何使用Go的net / http包执行基本请求并读取传入的响应。目前,我只能在连接关闭时读取响应。

  resp,err:= http.Get(“ localhost:8080 / stream”)
if err!= nil {
 ..  。


谢谢!< / p>


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  • doure8758 2014-03-01 14:23

    The way to do streaming JSON parsing is with a Decoder:


    For a streaming API where it's a bunch of objects coming back (a la Twitter), that should stream great with this model and the built-in encoding/json API. But if it's a large response where you have an object that's got a giant array with 10MB of stuff, you probably need to write your own Decoder to pull those inner pieces out and return them. I'm running into that problem with a library I've written.

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  • dtrotfd1012 2014-03-04 16:39

    The answer provided by Eve Freeman is the correct way to read json data. For reading any type of data, you can use the method below:

    resp, err := http.Get("http://localhost:3000/stream")
    reader := bufio.NewReader(resp.Body)
    for {
        line, err := reader.ReadBytes('
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