2013-06-05 04:41
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是否可以在cgo CFLAGS注释中使用环境变量?

I'm attempting to write some C bindings for the Go language, and have run into a sort of sticky situation when setting up the Cgo compilation in Windows. I have code that looks like the following:

// #cgo windows CFLAGS: -I C:/dev/extlibs/include/
// #cgo windows LDFLAGS: -lMyLib -L C:/dev/extlibs/lib/
// #include <mylib/mylib.h>
import "C"

which is allows me to avoid installing Dlls, libs, and header files directly into my C:\Windows directory, but doesn't allow for much flexibility when other developers are working with a different file system setup (they all need the libs to be in C:/dev/extlibs/...).

Is there a way I could referent an environment variable from within the code? Perhaps something along the lines of:

// #cgo windows CFLAGS: -I $EXTLIBS$/include/

Or is there another way that people solve this issue that I have missed? I've spent some time googling around on this subject and haven't seen much that has been useful, so any information and/or resources could be a real help!

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