2017-11-27 10:56
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如何在Golang构建中使用-ldflags -X设置软件包变量

I am creating an app using Go 1.9.2 and I am trying to add a version string variable to it using the ldflags -X options during the build.

I've managed to set a Version variable in my main package by using: -ldflags "-X main.Version=1.0.0", however what I really need is to set the Version variable inside my config package instead of the main one. Is this possible?

Here is my build command:

go build -ldflags "-X config.Version=1.0.0" -o $(MY_BIN) $(MY_SRC)

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我正在使用Go 1.9.2创建一个应用,并且尝试使用该版本向其中添加版本字符串变量 构建过程中的 ldflags -X 选项。

我设法在 main 中设置了 Version 变量 -ldflags“ -X main.Version = 1.0.0” ,但是我真正需要的是在内设置 Version 变量 config 包,而不是 main 包。


go build -ldflags“ -X config.Version = 1.0.0” -o $(MY_BIN)$(MY_SRC)

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  • doule0941 2017-11-27 12:22

    Quoting from doc of Command link:

        Set the value of the string variable in importpath named name to value.
        Note that before Go 1.5 this option took two separate arguments.
        Now it takes one argument split on the first = sign.

    So it can be used for any package, not just for the main package. But you must specify the full import path, not just the package name.

    E.g. if your config package is located at $GOPATH/src/my/package/config, then use the following command:

    go build -ldflags "-X my/package/config.Version=1.0.0" -o $(MY_BIN) $(MY_SRC)
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