2013-06-16 03:04
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When a user uploads a file, using r.FormFile("file") you get a multipart.File, a multipart.FileHeader and an error.

My question is how to just obtain information about the uploaded file for example, it's size, and if it's an image it's demensions, and so on and so forth.

I have literally got no idea on where to start so any help would be great.

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当用户使用r.FormFile(“ file”)上传文件时,会得到一个multipart.File, multipart.FileHeader和一个错误。</ p>

我的问题是如何获取有关上载文件的信息,例如,文件的大小,如果是图像,则是尺寸,等等。 。</ p>

我真的不知道从哪里开始,所以任何帮助都会很棒。</ p> </ div>

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