2017-02-24 04:09

gomobile命令错误“未设置android NDK路径”

I am using Go version 1.7.5 in windows and when i am trying to use gomobile command either to install or bind or build . It displays this error- "gomobile: no Android NDK path is set. Please run gomobile init with the ndk-bundle installed through the Android SDK manager or with the -ndk flag set." I have added NDK path to system variable $PATH and even installed NDK manually but still the error persist. Thanks for your time !!

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  • douzhe3516 douzhe3516 4年前

    You need to set the NDK path in gomobile init using the -ndk flag - if you follow these instructions, the path should be ~/Library/Android/sdk/ndk-bundle/:

    gomobile init -ndk ~/Library/Android/sdk/ndk-bundle/

    Then you can compile the APK:

    gomobile build -target=android <PATH>

    The path should be relative to $GOPATH/src. For example, if you install the basic example:

    go get -d

    The build command should be:

    gomobile build -target=android
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