2015-11-20 13:55
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如何在Visual Studio Code中保存时运行`go fmt`?

How to make Visual Studio Code (or Go Programming Language Extension) to run go fmt (or other tools/commands) on save? Even auto save?

Update: It is working now perfectly inside VSCode, at this time; just need to add some config files inside .vscode directory (I use these).

Update 2019: This question is old. The VSCode Go extension, has all you need to develop in Go, now.

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如何使Visual Studio Code(或Go编程语言扩展)运行 go fmt (或其他工具/命令)是否保存? 甚至自动保存?

更新: 目前,它在VSCode中可以正常运行; 只需在 .vscode 目录内添加一些配置文件(我使用这些)。

更新2019: 这个问题很旧。 VSCode Go扩展,现在拥有您需要在Go中开发的所有功能。

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