2016-12-31 18:04
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I'm using Echo to build a minimalist server in Golang.

In, Echo one can bind an incoming JSON request payload to a struct internally and access the payload.

However I have a scenario wherein I know only 3 fields of the incoming JSON request payload, and the bind doesn't work in this case.

How do I still access the 3 fields that I care about ? If I cannot do this in Echo, can you recommend me a JSON decoder that works with Echo's context structure?

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我正在使用使用Echo 在Golang中构建一个极简服务器。



我仍如何访问我关心的3个字段? 如果我无法在Echo中做到这一点,您能推荐我一个与Echo的上下文结构配合使用的JSON解码器吗?

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