2016-01-24 08:59
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I am using go 1.5.3. I ran this

go get -x github.com/goji/goji

and I am getting this error message:

git checkout master
package github.com/goji/goji
imports goji.io/internal: use of internal package not allowed

How do I resolve this ?

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我正在使用go 1.5.3。 我运行了这个

 去得到-x github.com/goji/goji


  git checkout master 
package github.com/goji/goji
imports goji.io/internal:不允许使用内部软件包
  <  / pre> 


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  • dongyashun2559 2016-01-24 09:05

    From that goji issue 13, the right command is:

    go get goji.io

    That page http://goji.io/ has the go-import meta directive:

    <meta name="go-import" content="goji.io git https://github.com/goji/goji">

    That way, go does not consider goji.io/internal (see for instance router.go) as trying to import internal package of a "third-party".
    This issue illustrates the wrong internal import case:

    You are not allowed to import internal package (or its subpackages) of a third party repo.

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