2015-04-17 20:27
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I am working with Go trying to automate keeping track of all of my ssh connections. I am having some issues running the command from Go. Here is my code:

cmd := exec.Command("ssh", string(c.Address))
        cmd.Stderr = os.Stderr
        cmd.Stdin = os.Stdin
        cmd.Stdout = os.Stdout
        err2 := cmd.Run()
        if err2 != nil {

c.Address is equivalent to "person@" not using that ip obviously but when I run this I get the following error.

ssh: Could not resolve hostname
: nodename nor servname provided, or not known

I can connect just fine using ssh from my terminal.


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我正在与Go一起尝试自动跟踪所有ssh连接。 我在从Go运行命令时遇到一些问题。 这是我的代码:

  cmd:= exec.Command(“ ssh”,string(c.Address))
 cmd.Stderr = os.Stderr 
 cmd。  Stdin = os.Stdin 
 cmd.Stdout = os.Stdout 
 err2:= cmd.Run()
如果err2!= nil {
 fmt.Print(“ Disconnected”)

c.Address显然不使用该ip相当于“ person@”,但是当我运行此地址时,出现以下错误。




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  • duanjunjie0196 2015-12-18 07:08

    Use the package.

    Package documentation.

    Nice tutorial to get you started.

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  • duanbo2048 2015-06-26 07:29

    If you have

    cmd := exec.Command("ssh", string("root@"))

    it works. As per the comment above if you have

    cmd := exec.Command("ssh", string("root@ ")) - notice the extra space

    then you will get the error you you described.

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