douran6443 2014-11-13 13:53
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I am going through the Go source code of ast.go at here,and there are 3 types of interfaces that are Expression,Statement and Declaration. But only with the source code I couldn't figure out the difference between them.What I could figure out is that expression results in a object that could be assigned or compared or used as parameter,while statements are some flow control like if-else or for loop. But I found some definitions like

    // An IncDecStmt node represents an increment or decrement statement.
    IncDecStmt struct {
            X      Expr
            TokPos token.Pos   // position of Tok
            Tok    token.Token // INC or DEC

shouldn't it be a expression?I feel confused how to distinguish expressions and statements,are there any rules?

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  • dqv84329 2014-11-13 14:02

    The Golang spec uses those terms:

    • Expressions: specifies the computation of a value by applying operators and functions to operands.
    • Statements: control execution
    • Declarations (and scope): binds a non-blank identifier to a constant, type, variable, function, label, or package

    The IncDecStmt is specified as

    IncDecStmt = Expression ( "++" | "--" ) .

    The "++" and "--" statements increment or decrement their operands by the untyped constant 1.

    It uses an expression, but remains a statement (don't produce a new value).

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