2014-02-24 05:37
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I noticed that the first 4 revisions f6182e5abf5e, b66d0bf8da3e, ac3363d7e788, 172d32922e72 of the Go source are all from long before Golang was even proposed, the oldest being from 1972. They are also all credited to Brian Kernighan of AWK-ward fame. They seem to be hello, world implementations in C. Is this an easter-egg or is there some practical purpose?

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我注意到前四个修订版 f6182e5abf5e b66d0bf8da3e ac3363d7e788 172d32922e72 都是在Golang甚至没有提出之前就已经很久了,最早的人是1972年。 他们也都归功于AWK区名望的Brian Kernighan。 它们似乎是C语言中的 hello,world 实现。这是复活节彩蛋还是有实际用途?

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  • douxi3432
    douxi3432 2014-02-24 07:06

    That thread mentions:

    Homage, Easter egg, inside joke, take your pick :). Notice the authors of the commits in question too

    Said thread references this commit as the starting point, but also points out to the actual first commit of the Golang project, with the first revision of the Go spec.

    The (alleged) "author" of the four first commits is Brian Kernighan.
    Rob Pike has worked with Brian in the 1980's, at Bell Labs, so this can be viewed as a reference to his professional origin.

    The idea of this Easter egg is to illustrate an evolution of an Hello World program in C:

    (See more with this recent GopherCon April 2014 talk hellogophers.slide - Rob Pike)

    Hello, World

    hg log -r 0:4
    changeset:   0:f6182e5abf5e
    user:        Brian Kernighan <bwk>
    date:        Tue Jul 18 19:05:45 1972 -0500
    summary:     hello, world
    $ hg update -r 0
    $ cat src/pkg/debug/macho/testdata/hello.b
    main( ) {
        extrn a, b, c;
        putchar(a); putchar(b); putchar(c); putchar('!*n');
    a 'hell';
    b 'o, w';
    c 'orld';

    Convert to C

    changeset:   1:b66d0bf8da3e
    user:        Brian Kernighan <bwk>
    date:        Sun Jan 20 01:02:03 1974 -0400
    summary:     convert to C
    $ hg update -r 1
    $ cat src/pkg/debug/macho/testdata/hello.c
    main() {
        printf("hello, world");

    Convert to Draft-Proposed ANSI C

    changeset:   2:ac3363d7e788
    user:        Brian Kernighan <research!bwk>
    date:        Fri Apr 01 02:02:04 1988 -0500
    summary:     convert to Draft-Proposed ANSI C
    $ hg update -r 2
    $ cat src/pkg/debug/macho/testdata/hello.c
    #include <stdio.h>
        printf("hello, world

    Last-minute fix: convert to ANSI C

    changeset:   3:172d32922e72
    user:        Brian Kernighan <>
    date:        Fri Apr 01 02:03:04 1988 -0500
    summary:     last-minute fix: convert to ANSI C
    $ hg update -r 3
    cat src/pkg/debug/macho/testdata/hello.c
    #include <stdio.h>
        printf("hello, world
        return 0;

    Go spec starting point

    changeset:   4:4e9a5b095532
    user:        Robert Griesemer <>
    date:        Sun Mar 02 20:47:34 2008 -0800
    summary:     Go spec starting point.
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