2013-08-31 07:23
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Golang / App Engine-安全地哈希用户密码

I have typically used the bcrypt library to do password hashing, but am unable to do so because of the library's use of syscall. I have also tried scrypt. What other ways are secure, and which would be the best way?

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我通常使用bcrypt库进行密码哈希处理,但由于使用了该库而无法这样做 <代码>系统调用。 我也尝试过scrypt。 其他哪些方法是安全的,哪一种是最佳方法?

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  • doushe2513 2013-11-07 04:43

    Have a look at go.crypto. It offers support for pbkdf2 and bcrypt. Both implementations are purely written in Go and should work on GAE just fine.

    The most simple to use is probably bcrypt. To get the package run:

    go get golang.org/x/crypto/bcrypt

    Example usage:

    import "golang.org/x/crypto/bcrypt" 
    func clear(b []byte) {
        for i := 0; i < len(b); i++ {
            b[i] = 0;
    func Crypt(password []byte) ([]byte, error) {
        defer clear(password)
        return bcrypt.GenerateFromPassword(password, bcrypt.DefaultCost)
    ctext, err := Crypt(pass)
    if err != nil {

    The output will be something like this:


    If you want simply the hash, use pbkdf2. Example:

    import "golang.org/x/crypto/pbkdf2"
    func HashPassword(password, salt []byte) []byte {
        defer clear(password)
        return pbkdf2.Key(password, salt, 4096, sha256.Size, sha256.New)
    pass := []byte("foo")
    salt := []byte("bar")
    ", HashPassword(pass, salt))
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