2015-04-08 02:27
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Recently I hope to write a unit test for golang. The function is as below.

func (s *containerStats) Display(w io.Writer) error {
    fmt.Fprintf(w, "%s %s
", "hello", "world")
    return nil

So how can I test the result of "func Display" is "hello world"?

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最近,我希望为golang编写单元测试。 函数如下所示。

  func(s * containerStats)Display(w io.Writer)error {
  “,” hello“,” world“)

所以我如何测试“ func Display”的结果是“ hello world “?

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  • duanri1985 2015-04-08 02:50

    You can simply pass in your own io.Writer and test what gets written into it matches what you expect. bytes.Buffer is a good choice for such an io.Writer since it simply stores the output in its buffer.

    func TestDisplay(t *testing.T) {
        s := newContainerStats() // Replace this the appropriate constructor
        var b bytes.Buffer
        if err := s.Display(&b); err != nil {
            t.Fatalf("s.Display() gave error: %s", err)
        got := b.String()
        want := "hello world
        if got != want {
            t.Errorf("s.Display() = %q, want %q", got, want)
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