2015-03-29 05:30
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I am trying to get each JSON object out of a JSON array. I get this data via a HTTP post.

I know what my data will look like:

          "entity_title":"University of Phoenix", 
          "entity_org_name":"CS Club",
          "possible_user_name":"Johnny Ive",
          "entity_title":"University of San Francisco", 
          "entity_org_name":"Marketing club",
          "possible_user_name":"steve jobs",

My example code and my structs look like this:

    type MsgCreateUserArray struct {
         CreateUser []MsgCreateUserJson `json:"createUserArray"`
    type MsgCreateUserJson struct {
        EntityTitleName string  `json:"entity_title_name"`
        EntityOrgName   string  `json:"entity_org_name"`
        PossibleUserName string `json:"possible_user_name"`
        PossibleUserEmail   string  `json:"possible_user_email"`
        UserPositionTitle   string  `json:"user_position_title"`
        MsgBodyId       string  `json:"msg_body_id, omitempty"` 

func parseJson(rw http.ResponseWriter, request *http.Request) {
    decodeJson := json.NewDecoder(request.Body)

    var msg MsgCreateUserArray
    err := decodeJson.Decode(&msg)

    if err != nil {

func main() {
    http.HandleFunc("/", parseJson)
    http.ListenAndServe(":1337", nil)

I am not sure where how to iterate over the JSON array and get the JSON objects and then just work with the JSON objects.

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  • duan0708676887 2015-03-29 06:07

    Try this as your structs,

    type MsgCreateUserArray struct {
        CreateUser []MsgCreateUserJson `json:"array"`
    type MsgCreateUserJson struct {
        EntityOrgName     string  `json:"entity_org_name"`
        EntityTitle       string  `json:"entity_title"`
        MsgBodyID         int64   `json:"msg_body_id,omitempty"`
        PosibbleUserEmail string  `json:"posibble_user_email"`
        PossibleUserName  string  `json:"possible_user_name"`
        UserPositionTitle string  `json:"user_position_title"`

    Your entity_title_name is not named correctly, nor is the top level array. After you decode into a MsgCreateUserArray you can iterate over the CreateUser slice to get each MsgCreateUserJson

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