2018-01-26 18:01
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I'm Newbie to Go, I have List of Tuple in python as you see below:

data  = [

how can i convert data into GO equivalent, I have googled it but everywhere they have specified with the same data-type of multidimensional array like this,

int_list := [4][2]int{{1, 0}, {2, 0}, {3, 0}, {4, 0}}

string_list := make([][]string, 0)

a := [1][2]string{{"lion","dog"}}

help me out..!


for Mixed-type Collections of Array:

array := []interface{}{1, "dog", "lion", 12, 45.09, true, false}
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  • dongluanan7163
    dongluanan7163 2018-01-26 18:05

    There are two possible solutions here: actual multidimensional arrays of mixed data types (what you seem to be asking for) and arrays of structs (what you probably want).

    Multidimensional arrays of mixed data-types using interfaces

    If you really want to do multi-dimensional arrays of mixed types, you need to use interfaces:

    interfaceArray := [2][2]interface{}{{1,"dog"},{2,"cat"}}


    [[1 dog] [2 cat]]

    Interfaces must be handled with care as they can be... anything. This means that there is no enforcement that the first argument is an int and the second is a string. I can just as easily add {"lion", 3} and the compiler will be happy, but your program will crash if it doesn't check the type first.

    You can do type conversions and assertions on interfaces to ensure the correct data types.

    Arrays of structured data

    Putting python tuples in a list does not make it a multi-dimensional array. The closest equivalent in Go would be an array of structs.

    type animal struct {
      id int
      name string
    animalList := [2]animal{{1, "cat"}, {2, "dog"}}


    [{1 cat} {2 dog}]

    In this case, the types are clearly defined, and I cannot store {"lion", 3} in the array.

    final note: [size]type defines an array. []type defines a slice. I'm using arrays here as this is what you mention in your question, but slices would be just as (or probably more) appropriate.

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  • douli4337
    douli4337 2018-01-26 18:19

    You can't create multi dimensional array with two different type. Better to use structure. Hope this will work for your purpose.

    package main
    import "fmt"
    type Data struct {
        i int
        s string
    func main() {
        data := []Data{
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