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For the following code:

func main() {
    goRtns := runtime.NumGoroutine()
    fmt.Println("goroutines:", goRtns)

The output is 1. But this is within a "process," with no goroutines being explicitly called:

"In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being executed. It contains the program code and its current activity. Depending on the operating system (OS), a process may be made up of multiple threads of execution that execute instructions concurrently."

Also from the excellent "How goroutines work" blog post by Krishna Sundarram:

"The creation of a goroutine does not require much memory - only 2kB of stack space. They grow by allocating and freeing heap storage as required."

My question is this, then: the instance of code that is running (my simple main.go function) is counted as a goroutine by the runtime library. Am I to assume that the parent process is treated as a go routine, with the same rules of memory allocation, garbage collection, etc? Would it be wise to assume reading a fact about a goroutine's execution is analogous to the overarching go process that runs it? With respect to the second quote on goroutines above, this sounds like a process growing/shrinking its stack space as a program executes which is a standard paradigm in programming.

Do go processes and routines share the same rules? Or am I just missing something about the reported number of goroutines.

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对于以下代码:</ p>

  func main(){  
 goRtns:= runtime.NumGoroutine()
 fmt.Println(“ goroutines:”,goRtns)
 </ code> </ pre> 

输出为 1 </代码>。 但这是在“进程”内,没有明确调用goroutine:</ p>

”在计算中,进程是正在执行的计算机程序的实例。它包含程序代码 及其当前的活动。取决于操作系统(OS),一个进程可能由同时执行指令的多个执行线程组成。” </ p>

“优秀的goroutines如何工作” “克里希纳·桑达拉姆(Krishna Sundarram)撰写的博客文章: / </ p>

“创建goroutine不需要太多内存-只需2kB的堆栈空间。它们会根据需要分配和释放堆存储而增长。” </ p>

我的问题是这样的:运行时库将正在运行的代码实例(我简单的main.go函数)计为goroutine。 我是否可以假设父进程被视为go例程,并且具有相同的内存分配,垃圾回收等规则? 假设读取有关goroutine执行的事实与运行它的总体go进程类似,是否明智? 关于上面goroutine的第二个引号,这听起来像是一个程序在执行程序时增大/缩小其堆栈空间的过程,这是编程中的标准范例。 </ p>

go进程和例程共享相同的规则吗? 还是我只是缺少有关报告的goroutine数量的信息。 </ p> </ div>

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