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Gorilla WebSocket与的比较

According Gorilla Websockets Project it is not possible to send pings and pongs using At the same time, the following is on the project page of

Package websocket implements a client and server for the WebSocket protocol as specified in RFC 6455.

I am a little confused. implements RFC 6455 but can not send control frames (cancel, ping, pong) although this is specified in RFC 6455 - Section Control Frames

So what will happen if I use package. Will the connection abort after a timeout? In other words, how is it ensured here that the connection does not break off.

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根据 Gorilla Websockets项目,无法使用 发送ping和pong。 同时,以下内容在的项目页面上 websocket

软件包websocket为RFC 6455中指定的WebSocket协议实现了客户端和服务器。 \ n

我有点困惑。 实现RFC 6455,但是尽管在 RFC 6455-部分控制框架

所以,如果我使用 / x / net / websocket 软件包。 超时后连接会中止吗? 换句话说,在这里如何确保连接不会中断。

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