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In MongoDB doing something like db.mycollection.find() returns all documents in a collection.

When working in GoLang using the package and I do for example:

query := db.C("client").Find();

It complains that it requires input in the form of an interface. All I need to do is retrieve all documents and iterate through them and display each one for now. How do I achieve this effect? All examples I have seen seem to have filters in place.

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在MongoDB中,执行类似 db.mycollection.find()之类的操作的所有文档

在GoLang中使用软件包 进行操作时,例如,

  query:= db.C(“ client”)。Find(); 

它抱怨它需要以接口形式输入。 我需要做的就是检索所有文档并遍历它们,并立即显示每个文档。 如何达到此效果? 我见过的所有示例似乎都已安装了过滤器。

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