2014-11-07 15:33
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如何在Go单元测试中测试功能的输出(stdout / stderr)

I have a simple function I want to test:

func (t *Thing) print(min_verbosity int, message string) {
    if t.verbosity >= minv {

But how can I test what the function actually sends to standard output? Test::Output does what I want in Perl. I know I could write all my own boilerplate to do the same in Go (as described here):

orig = os.Stdout
r,w,_ = os.Pipe()
thing.print("Some message")
var buf bytes.Buffer
io.Copy(&buf, r)
os.Stdout = orig
if(buf.String() != "Some message") {

But that's a lot of extra work for every single test. I'm hoping there's a more standard way, or perhaps an abstraction library to handle this.

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