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Go语言IDE支持的状态如何? [关闭]

Can anyone share his experience working with go in one of the three java IDE giants -I mean eclipse, netbeans and JIdea


there's a similar question here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1737098/is-there-an-ide-for-go but I think it's a little outdated, almost a year ago...

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    dongzhanbi0027 dongzhanbi0027 2011-02-26 07:52

    There is a page at http://go-lang.cat-v.org/text-editors/ which describes methods for getting various text editors and IDEs, including Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, to play nicely with Go. Both GEdit and Vim have decent support, having defined methods for integration with GoCode, a code completion daemon, and syntax highlighting.

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  • douye7033 douye7033 2011-02-25 14:03

    There's this: http://code.google.com/p/goclipse/, but it's in the alpha stages of development. Could do with a little bit of love.

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  • doucao8982 doucao8982 2011-02-26 07:21

    Vim, Emacs or LiteIDE http://code.google.com/p/golangide/

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