2016-08-19 08:09
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Golang的net / rpc软件包和gRPC框架有什么区别?

gRPC is a "general RPC framework" which uses ProtoBuffer to serialize and deserialize while the net/rpc package seems could do "nearly" the same thing with encoding/gob and both are under the umbrella of Google.
So what's the difference between them? What pros and cons dose choosing one of them have?

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gRPC < / a>是一个“通用RPC框架”,它使用 ProtoBuffer 进行序列化和反序列化,而< 一个href =“ https://golang.org/pkg/net/rpc/” rel =“ noreferrer”> net / rpc 包似乎可以对 encoding / gob 都在Google的保护下。
它们之间有什么区别? 选择其中之一有哪些利弊?

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