2012-05-08 04:55
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From, it seems not explicit or easy to use LevelDB with Go. But I really want to know how to use it in Go.

Could anyone give me a clue?

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来自 ,将LevelDB与Go一起使用似乎并不明显或不容易。 但是我真的很想知道如何在Go中使用它。


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  • dtnnpt11795 2012-05-08 06:05

    Use leveldb-go, ported by the Go Authors.

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  • dongqian8265 2012-10-25 01:27

    Use levigo - a Golang wrapper around the C++ version of LevelDB.

    The file levigo/leveldb_test.go gives you an example of how to use levigo.

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  • dongsicheng5262 2015-10-21 05:04

    Here is a Go implementation of LevelDB

    Here is how to use it:

    go get

    Create or open database:

    db, err := leveldb.OpenFile("path/to/db", nil)
    defer db.Close()

    Read or modify the database content:

    data, err := db.Get([]byte("key"), nil)
    err = db.Put([]byte("key"), []byte("value"), nil)
    err = db.Delete([]byte("key"), nil)
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