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I have a requirement in which I need to store array of objects in a variable. The objects are of different types. Refer to following example:

 v := [ {"name":"ravi"},

Notice the second element is array of string itself. After research, I thought of storing this as interface type like:

 var v interface{} = [ {"name":"ravi"},

Still, I am getting few compilation errors which I am not able to find out.

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我有一个要求,我需要在变量中存储对象数组。 对象是不同类型的。 请参考以下示例:

  v:= [{“ name”:“ ravi”},
 [“ art”,“ coding”,“ music”,“ travel  “],
 {” language“:” golang“},
 {” experience“:” no“} 

注意第二个元素 是字符串本身的数组。 经过研究,我想到了将其存储为以下接口类型:

  var v interface {} = [{“ name”:“ ravi”},
 [“ art”  ,“编码”,“音乐”,“旅行”],
 {“ language”:“ golang”},
 {“ experience”:“ no”} 


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